2021 Canned Food Drive Results

Total: 23,860.8

Teacher Cans Collected
Mrs. Thackery and Mrs. Green 4,839.5
Mrs. Hargis and Mr. Barnfield 3,054.5
Mrs. Stephenson and Mr. Koehnke 2,459.5
Mrs. Timmerman and Mrs. Toth 2,449.5
Ms. Schuler and Ms. Balla 2,209
Mrs. Lamcyzk and Mrs. Bachman 1,858.5
Mrs. Valdez and Mr. Donoho 1,422.3
Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Pogue 1,042.5
Mrs. Lux and Mrs. Childress 896.5
Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Helm 802
Mr. Burmeister and Mrs. Beavin 612
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph 433
Mr. Ramos and Mr. Owen 328.5
Mr. Braddy 294
Ms. Rector 285
Mr. Greene and Mr. Lipe 198
Mr. Pokojski and Mr. Bryan 185
Mrs. Telford and Mr. Lever 134.5
Mr. Fehrenbacher and Mr. Sharp 130.5
Mr. Steward 102.5
Mr. Fredrick 60
Mr. Farthing 48
Mr. Snow and Mrs. Meyer 16