2022 - 2023 Yearbook

Below are the instructions for purchasing a 2020-2021 yearbook in Skyward.

- Go to Skyward

- Log in with guardian account

- Click "Fee Management"

- Click "Add a Fee"

- Under "Fees that can be added", select "General: Yearbook" and then click "Add"

- If you want more than one, repeat this step. Maximum is 2 per student!

- Click "Back"

- If you'd like to make an online payment, click "Make a Payment"

- Follow the 3rd party site and follow instructions to pay

- You may also pay by check or cash by contacting the District Office

Hey cats! The Salemarion yearbook staff is in need of your help to make this year's yearbook one of the best yet! The staff is working tirelessly to get as many photos as possible.
Please send photos of yourself, or you and your friends (with and without masks on) to Salemarion's Snapchat and Instagram accounts. Photos can be from a school activity/event (if being held) or from outside of school but all photos submitted must be school appropriate!